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Price list - KirályDent

Price list

Clinical examination

Consultation (Oral camera)Free
Oral examination, oncology examinationFree
Study model (per jaw)6 000 HUF
Grinding (occ. Correction)6 000 HUF
Removing a filling without indication3 000 HUF
Prescription5 000 HUF


Panoramic x-ray5 000 HUF
Cephalic x-ray8 000 HUF
Sinus X-ray8 000 HUF
Small X-ray1 500 HUF
Anasthesia12 000 HUF
Anasthology 1 hour150 000 HUF

Preventive treatment

Fluor brushing5 000 HUF
Sealing of fissure8 000 HUF
Ultrasound Scaling, polishing (Calculus removal / per Jaw)10 000 HUF
Sand blasting20 000 HUF


Dental bleaching

At home80 000 HUF
At clinic100 000 HUF
Bleaching a root canal treated teeth (max 3 times)25 000 HUF
Teeth accessories20 000 HUF


Root Canal treatment + medical treatment +  root canal filling: 
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 teeth  three times10 000 HUF/time
6, 7, 8 teeth three times13 000 HUF/time
Removing root canal filling12 000 HUF
Medication filling (Germident)5 000 HUF
Irrigation (washing) the canal ( if the tooth was treated outside the clinic)5 000 HUF


Direct,- indirect pulp capping (Dycal + temporary filling)10 000 HUF
Medication, glass ionomer relining6 000 HUF
Cement filling6 000 HUF

Esthetic filling

1 surface14 000 HUF
2 surface16 000 HUF
3 surface18 000 HUF
Direct Veneer (made of esthetic filling material)35 000 HUF
Parapulp pin8 000 HUF
Glass fiber pin15 000 HUF
Metal pin24 000 HUF


Fixed dentures

Gold ceramics crown 60 000 HUF + gold
Metal free porcelain crown (circonium oxid)90 000 HUF
Circonium crown – Ivo Clar120 000 HUF
Niccel free porcelain crown (per piece) (VITA, NORITAKE)35 000 HUF
Niccel free porcelain crown (per piece) (SOFU, FUJI, GC)55 000 HUF
Temporary crown8 000 HUF
Casting cap18 000 HUF
Removing a crown or a bridge (per piece)8 000 HUF
Replacing crown or bridge with cement (if it’s made outside the clinic), First crown8 000 HUF
Further crowns7 000 HUF
Replacing crown or bridge with glassionomer cement8 000 HUF


Indirect veneer (porcelain)120 000 HUF
Gold inlay60 000 HUF + gold
Belle Glass inlay70 000 HUF
Gold ceramics inlay80 000 HUF + gold
Gradia inlay80 000 HUF

Removable dentures

Complete denture (made of acrylat / per jaw)120 000 HUF
Complete denture (made of wall plast / per jaw)150 000 HUF
Partial metal denture (per jaw)190 000 HUF
Hidden ancharge – rigid bar: Preci Horix, Vertix /piece /db 30 000 HUF
OT-CAP (precision attachment) /piece30 000 HUF

Dentures Correction

Broken acrylat denture fixing12 000 HUF
Repairing a clasp 15 000 HUF
Rebasing of denture15 000 HUF


Removable appliance (per jaw)50 000 – 120 000 HUF
Metal (per jaw, special case)180 000 – 300 000 HUF
Porcelain (per jaw, special case)250 000 – 500 000 HUF
Inner (per jaw, special case)400 000 – 700 000 HUF
Activation5 000 HUF
Temporary splinting (per teeth)10 000 HUF
Occlosian appliance (per jaw)30 000 HUF

Periodentology Treatment

Inflameted gingiva treatment, gingiva pocket treatment12 000 HUF
Subgingival currelttage20 000 HUF
Laser treatment (gum recession, wond, post root canal treatment, afta..ect)10 000 HUF

Oral surgery

Consultation4 000 HUF
Plexus quest5 000 HUF
Tooth, root extraction12 000 HUF
Sculption36 000 HUF
Extracting wisdom tooth with surgery36 000 HUF
Extracting a rooth with surgery36 000 HUF
Apiectamy, 1 teeth36 000 HUF
Gingiva electrosergical scalpel6 000 HUF
Incision18 000 HUF
Changing the ganze strip6 000 HUF


Alpha Bio Implant (surgery)160 000 HUF
Nobel Biocare Implant (surgery)260 000 HUF
Nobel Active360 000 HUF
DIO Implant (surgery)140 000 HUF
Implant head ( recovery screw, gum formed screw, eventual screw)40 000 HUF
Implant technical work12 000 HUF

Bone renewal

Material price (hidroxyl-apatit, or beta tricalcium-phosphate pellet)140 000 HUF / gr
Working off membrane /piece140 000 HUF
Sinus Lift 100 000 HUF


Primary Teeth

Filling10 000 HUF
Trepanation10 000 HUF
Extraction8 000 HUF

Our prices are informative, for your guidance, we fix the price after the oral examination and consultation. Emergency fee 20%.

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