Gold inlays

Gold inlays

The gold inlay conforms to the highest standards, durable, it fits exatcly due to its ductility (formable,extensible), biocompatible, plaque (deposits) free.Its the best as a dental material,exept for the color. They recommend it for lateral teeth, and fix it with dental cement. This is the most durable solution.

Ceramic inlays

 The most aesthetic, most perfect replacement. Almost invisible and can be prepared in your own shade. Recommended for lateral teeth. Its bonded with a special adhesive.

Composite inlay

Due to its plastic-like softness, its life expectancy is shorter. The finished inlays combine function and aesthetics. Since they are colorabe, it  allows you to have them in a color like your real teeth

Titanium inlays

it came into view since allergy is becoming widespread in the recent years. Due to it’s grayish color, they cover it with ceramic.

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