Jacket crown

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 Jacket crownSometimes teeth have been so badly damaged by decay or wear that cosmetic fillings are no longer viable option. Under this circumstances the tooth can be saved and protected by a crown or a cap. Crowns are also used on either side of a gap so that a bridge can be constructed to replace one or more missing teeth without the use of implants. A jacket is the outlay covering that protects the entire surface of a tooth. A crown is a protective tooth-shaped cap covering provided for a tooth that is chipped, broken or missing.
Crowns are indicated to reinforce the tooth if the remaining structure can no longer support filling. A crown is cemented onto all the remaining visible structure to strengthen it as well as improve its appearance. A bridge is applied if there is a missing tooth in between two strong teeth structures. In order to compensate for the gap, the bridge anchors between the two teeth to keep the set aligned, strengthened and looking great.

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